SO.TEC oil mist filtration systems


Mini-Max is the smallest unit size produced by Sotec. These units cover from 500m3/h to 7.000 m3/h suction capacity per filter and normally have a stage 1 and 2 filter. They can also have a stage 3 filter fitted if required.

Mini-Max Plus

The Mini-Max Plus is the standard unit size produced by Sotec and is arranged vertically. These units cover from 8.000 m3/h to 10.000 m3/h suction capacity per filter. They can also have a stage 3 filter fitted if required.


The Super-compact is designed to treat the fumes produced by hot brass forging presses, the mists produced by automatic machine tools, or the oil mists produced by various industrial processes. The Super-compact works across multiple machines and therefore can handle larger ranges of suction capacity from as little as 350 m3/h right the way up to whatever your factory’s requirements are.

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Who are SO.TEC?

SO.TEC design and build high quality air purification systems, extraction, oil mist filtration and graphite mist removal. Based in Bergamo in the north of Italy their machines are some of the most advanced systems on the market. They’re designed to last over time and ensure complete compliance with environmental regulations.

SO.TEC air filtration systems are in use across the world in a huge variety of different industries including: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, mechanical engineering, foundry, marble, wood, plastics, rubber and leather-tanning industries to name but a few.



Why should you consider a SO.TEC oil mist filtration and reclamation system?

Bespoke design

Because SO.TEC design and build all of their systems based on your requirements and specifications, it means you get exactly what you need every time. They can also handle any project size right the way from a single machine to supplying purification, collection and reclamation systems for a complete factory if needed.

Efficiency and live pressure level monitoring

SO.TEC are specialists when it comes to the design of their oil mist separation and filtration systems. These machines have live pressure monitoring, allowing them to operate within the parameters you require, this then dictates the pressure level and therefore power consumption needed. This results in industrial oil mist collection systems that have extraordinary levels of efficiency.

Noise levels

SO.TEC air purification and oil mist purification systems have incredible sound proofing as standard. This means that even when running at full capacity the machine makes practically no noise.

Coalescence technology

SO.TEC have designed their machines using coalescence technology in their filtration systems.

What are the different processes SO.TEC oil mist filtration systems can deal with?

SO.TEC oil mist filtration machines can cater for a wide variety of different industrial processes including:

  • Bar turning
  • Machining with oil or water-based lubricants
  • Hot brass stamping
  • Heat treatments
  • Hot forging
  • Cold heading

What are the key features in SO.TEC systems?

  • Hepa filters allow the clean air produced by the SO.TEC system to be used as heating
  • Live power monitoring means the system reacts if a machine is stopped, reducing power usage
  • Innovative sound-proofing means SO.TEC systems are very quiet
  • Liquids collected in SO.TEC units can be re used.

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