Vertical and horizontal turning machines for soft and hard turning processes


Horizontal turning

Suitable for use in a variety of different areas, Minganti horizontal turning machines can be used for either hard or soft turning. If you’re looking for higher accuracy, 4 axis turning and even longer tool life you cannot beat a Minganti machine. Depending on your requirements we will always be able to be recommend the best machine for your needs.

Vertical turning

Minganti vertical turning machines can be used for either hard or soft turning and are suitable for almost all turning requirements. If you’re looking for higher accuracy, 4 axis turning and even longer tool life you cannot beat these machines. We know that everyone has different requirements, that’s why we will always happily discuss your needs before recommending the right solution to meet your targets.

Large scale vertical turning

Minganti are specialists when it comes to turning larger parts. With chuck diameters able to take parts up to 2600mm Minganti vertical turning machines are a fantastic solution when it comes to dealing with even the largest of parts. We know that when it comes to turning something as large as a windmill bearing, you need the right machine, get in touch and we will happily discuss your requirements.

Minganti Logo

Who are Minganti?

When it comes to industry expertise in hard turning and soft turning machines, Minganti are true specialists. Established in 1919, Minganti’s enduring philosophy is to produce superb machinery that meets both the technical and economical needs of the client.

Priding themselves on; quality, versatility, productivity, reliability, durability, results in machines that consistently outperform. Combine this with their underlying principle of co-engineering your solution leaves you with a turning machine perfect for your requirements

What are the key features found in Minganti hard turning machines?

Because of their quality Minganti machines are typically found in the demanding areas of aerospace, automotive and precision machining. Most machines are able to handle simultaneous machining, with increased unmanned running hours and can incorporate impressive modular spindle systems when required.

However we’ve found Minganti turning machines’ real strengths come from:

The ability to test your own parts on Minganti’s own machines

Minganti actually offer you the ability to test out your parts on their demo-turning machines. Of course this does mean a trip across to their show room in Bologna, Italy (which we can gladly arrange) as you can probably tell, they believe in demonstrating their high precision machining capability from the outset.

One setup programming

Minganti turning machines can be designed with one setup programming. This means you set the machine up once and then it self-calibrates based on sensor inputs to ensure the machine geometry is always accurate and high quality precision turned parts.

Intelligent machining

Minganti have been developing what they’ve coined as “intelligent machining” over a number of years. What this results in cutting parameters, machine parameters, in process control and data storage all coming together to provide controlled or dynamic turning with no scrap, no resetting and high levels of efficiency all with full traceability on parts.

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