Camas assembly machines


Parts in most cases can be loaded into the machine automatically. This is most commonly achieved by a bowl feeder combined with a linear feeder. However there are also several different “pick and place” options available including cartesian axes and robot loading.


Because every assembly operation has its own unique challenges, this means that we always build the machine to your requirements. This could include:

  • Rotary tables
  • Linear conveyor
  • Testing stations
  • Sub-assembly


Finished product

We’ve got a vast experience of different assembly requirements ranging from switches on cars to trigger dispensers on cleaning products and water fittings. So no matter what your assembly ambitions are, we are in a perfect place to help you achieve your targets.


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Who are Camas?

Camas produce custom designed assembly machines. Based in Rovato, Brescia and with over 25 years’ experience, they are one of the forerunners and leading companies when it comes to the design and production of automatic assembly machines.

Because of their ability to handle a wide variety of different tasks in a diverse range of industries you can find Camas assembly machines are across a range of different sectors. These include hydraulic, plumbing, electro-mechanical components, cosmetic systems for pharmaceuticals and food, automotive components and many more.

What are the key features in Camas assembly and loading systems?

Reliability and output

We’ve installed Camas automatic assembly machines that have made millions of parts and run 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. This is testament to Camas’ fantastic build quality and is one of the major reasons we’ve been partnering with them for over 20 years. If you’re looking for a quality level of output and a high degree of reliability a Camas assembly solution is the perfect match.

The ability to deal with a wide variety of applications

Camas prides themselves on their machines’ ability to handle a huge variety of different tasks. That’s why they have the slogan “360 degrees of machines” and we know from our experience their automation systems and automated assembly machines can meet a vast range of different requirements.

What applications have Camas assembly machines dealt with?

As previously mentioned Camas rotary assembly and linear assembly machines can deal with a wide variety of different applications. Their main areas of expertise however are:

  • Hydraulic part assembly – Valves, fittings and pressure regulators
  • Gas valve assembly – LPG gas valves, high pressure valves and gas regulators
  • Electro-mechanical component assembly – Power relays, thermostats, automotive switches and household appliance switches
  • Assembly lines for disposable components for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries – Soap dispensers, syringes, catheters, blister packing and bottle tops
  • Automotive component assembly – Safety switches and leak proof hydraulic components

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