About Arc Rotary Ltd

With more than 30 years’ in business and experience that spans a wide range of different industries and sectors we at ARC Rotary Ltd are unique when it comes to sourcing manufacturing machinery.

Over the years, we’ve supplied hundreds of bespoke machines to clients across the UK and Europe spanning a huge range of industries and have achieved superb results in the most demanding applications.

This wealth of experience combined with our total commitment to our clients’ best interests and the prosperity of their business is what really sets us apart

It’s more than just the project it’s about relationships

For us, it’s never just a one-off project – we pride ourselves on forging long lasting relationships with our clients.

This means that we strive to ensure that you will always feel confident in coming back to us, time and time again and really is one of the core reasons we’ve been in business for so long.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the machines we supply

From concept to operation we’re a capable partner

Throughout the entire production life cycle, special-purpose machines can significantly reduce labour costs and boost optimal throughput, making a huge difference to your company’s bottom line.

Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, the machines that we deliver consistently achieve fantastic results for our clients. We’ve worked on everything from stamping presses to pressure testing, and lots more in between.

Working with market-leading manufacturers; So-Tec, Camas and Minganti, we’re able to provide you with the very best advice and bespoke machines for your project. Advice and product suggestions are all given with you and your company’s best interests at heart, backed by our many years’ experience in the industry.

So, no matter your industry ARC Rotary can help you stay ahead in your market with cost-effective, cutting-edge machinery and solutions.

Why you should choose ARC Rotary for your machine solutions?

We know there’s four main reasons why our clients choose to work with us, these are:

Over 30 years’ unparrallelled experience

With over 30 year’s experience in providing special purpose machinery for almost every application you can imagine, you know that you are dealing with the experts. When it comes to finding the right machine for even the most specific, cutting-edge or demanding of applications we are able to help source the most effective machinery given most budgets.

Complete “Turn-Key” machine solutions

Our technical team’s years of experience mean that no matter what stage you are at in your machine purchasing cycle, we can provide you with the technical expertise to help deliver your project. We pride ourselves on providing complete “turn-key” solutions, leaving you with the machines you require, ready to go and at the right cost.

Long-term relationships with global suppliers and clients

Our account management team have a unique way of dealing with our clients, that’s why we’ve kept some of our clients for over 2 decades, supplying machines that produce millions of parts, year-in-year-out. We know what from a machine supplier makes a good partner and strive to deliver the smoothest of projects when it comes to sourcing your machine solution.

No matter how tough the challenge – we’ll find the right machine for you

As one of the top providers in the UK for special purpose machinery, we understand that no two jobs are actually the same. What works with one machine, won’t always if ever work in another setting. We offer custom machine project solutions designed exactly to suit your requirements and ensure that your projects are delivered efficiently, no matter how tough the challenge.

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